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I have studied at King’s College London for 5, initially completing my Nutrition & Dietetics (BSc) followed by an MSc in Clinical research. I have worked in this profession for 5 years. That’s 10 years in the industry…They say that it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice with minimal distraction to become an expert in something. That’s about 90 minutes per day for 20 years… maybe I’ve got a little way to go, however, what I can promise to you is that I currently have a wealth of knowledge that I am committed to passing on and growing. The industry is not only booming, but evolving, and I have the skills to take the new research, interpret it and spread it with you to ensure you are informed too. I shall work with you to provide you with the highest possible standards of care I am able to offer, full commitment, and I promise to give my whole-hearted best to every client I work with.

I have worked in 7 jobs within the industry in order to keep moving forward, challenging myself and learning, the next step I truly believe will continue to challenge me is to start my own practice. I will be using all the skills and knowledge I have acquired along the way.

I have explored a number of techniques to helping client achieving their happiest, healthiest self, and presented to you are my main findings and the ethos behind how I practice.


From my experience, and from what the research tells you, diets really do not work. What we are currently lacking. Some people work well with rules and structure, and that’s fine. Others don’t.

Health at Every Size

See Doc from Todays Dietitian

Mindset (NLP) what I know.

My approach:

(but principles that lie behind this)

What I am to do is asses, and work WITH you, not against you. That means using the HAES technique,

Healthy weight

Weight can be a reflection of health

Sometimes we are larger or smaller

Or it can be proof that people come in different sizes

A healthy weight isn’t a number on the a scale

A category in the BMI index

Being able to fit into specific clothe

A healthy weight is your natural weight

Which can be largely determined by your genetic make up

If you come from a larger or smaller family

Is supported by healthful enjoyable living that includes; eating mindfully, pleasurable eating, and physical activity, adequate sleeping and more of it, effective stress management,
It is not a weight that is achieved through Restricting what you eat or excessively exercising in order to lose weight

Welcome to a Liberating approach, free of food fears, punishing exercise, and negative thoughts about your body.

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